The Life, my Love

Courtesy - Apronhead

Courtesy – Apronhead.wordpress

Whatever our souls are made up of, your’s and mine’s is surely from the complimenting ones.

Like water & rock, we are always crashing against each other, creating an uproar of emotions & expectations.

And Rock I am, as is too stubborn to move…. and water you are, creating a never-ending emotional wave & hit me hard with it. I may choose to be on the highest peaks of my rough & grump self but you always figure out a way & shower me down, bringing the most of me, next to you.

At one place, I see you covering my harsh & rough heights with your tender snow and at another place I see you creating a small puddle of yourself on my indifferent self.

The persistence & consistence of both of us is creating a new world, a new realm…  without our consent or without our permission. A world beyond imagination where future events have started to shape up, picking up the warm sand from the shores, climbing the cold edges of the peaks and joyfully playing in the calm pond.

I have started to realize that together we are quiet, we are rough, we are still, we are rigid, we are strong, we are kind, we are forceful.

But the most important part is that WE ARE… Creating a beautiful life around each other.



  1. Pourush Kashyap · · Reply

    Excellent Ayush !! Keep it Up !

  2. Wow… super… 🙂 very beautifully written..
    it shows the deep love ,affection ,understanding, mutual bonding and interdependence of two person who are poles apart in some cases, yet are deeply and madly in love with each other.. you have written the Saga of love ❤

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