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It was one of those days when you got less work to do and the internet connect is working just fine. The wall clock was haunting me with the fact that both got 6 more hours to look at each other and I could not afford to doze off to ‘Power Snore’ as that would be an open invitation to my boss to give me some work.

Post playing few online flash games and plunging more into the vast sea of boredom, I logged into my Facebook account to kill some time, ending up with a new mix of boredom. There, I saw that this friend of mine shared a link as ‘awesome’. It was a song from the movie ‘Into the Wild‘ and bells started ringing somewhere yelling ‘hey, you know this song‘ and the instant emotion of ‘pat yourself.. you already knew this‘ ran all across me.

In the next  2 hours, I had all-most all songs of ‘Into the wild’ with me. Later, I was found boring my office mates, swearing why this movie is among the all time favorites, in my list.

While heading home … philosophical mood overpowered the best of me and I entered home with Buddha like feeling.

There, Mom was waiting for me as the moment I stepped in, she asked me to accompany her to the market.

During Festivals, Indian markets are over-flooded with merchandise, customers, promotions, more merchandise & more customers (although, we celebrate festivals  almost everyday, in some or other part of this country ….. and are so used to this culture that without festivals too, one can experience the above scene).

So, as soon as we entered the market, I declared that will prefer to stand in a corner than to accompany my beloved mom in the ‘Grab before its out of stock’ fight.

The whole market was abuzz with customers, either with molten cash or with huge piles of gifts. Festive Lights, car honks and aroma of spices in the air … It was one perfect festive season.

I wandered for some time & when found nothing of interest in particular, it was almost time for me to go back to boredom.

Would you like to buy something from my cart?’ and I realized that the question was directed to me. She got to be around 10 years old and I think that this girl found me doing nothing and decided to give it a shot. ‘Thank you but I don’t need anything’. Surprisingly, she didn’t pushed me to buy something and simply stood next to me.

I thanked god for saving me from yawning…and decided to break a conversation with her.

What are your plans for Diwali

Selling stuff, we make some good cash this season

So aren’t you buying crackers, it is Diwali after all …

No, they are pretty expensive and loud..

Hmmm, thay are..

I realized that her attention was at this distinct popcorn shop.

Would you like to have some popcorn? 


We crossed road together as the crackles of corns got louder. So loud that I could easily count and tell that how many corns has actually popped!

The night was a cold one. Different species gathered around the open flames coming out of the earthenware chimney and our beloved popcorn walla was well guarded by the local street dogs.

Post purchasing a bag, we came back to our original spot. She ate half of it and wrapped the remaining.

This is for my sister..

Hmm, hey I have to leave now… you see that women there? She is looking for me. Abruptly, I bid farewell to her, when saw Mom yelling my name at a distance.

What a good deal I got today, we shall head home now…shall we? Mom was beaming with a broad smile and I barely managed to give back a faint one, when she buried me in this huge pile of wrapped gifts.

As engine starts the grunt, my eyes were looking everywhere for that small girl… but she was lost in the hustle-bustle.The car engine performed its rituals and now was waiting for me to do something. And with heavy heart I started the roll.

What is wrong with you…Turn those headlights on!!

Ohh sorry..

The lights were on in a flash and as we crossed the last few shops … just before the turn, I think I saw two shadows …  my best guess being …. there were two small girls waving at me, with popcorn in their hand.



  1. beautiful emotions and what narration …… loved it…

  2. Thanks shipra13 and lesleycarter !

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